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Kerry Spindler’s Latest Article: Discover Facial Cupping on

Facial Cupping on

We are thrilled to share an exciting new development in the world of beauty, brought to us by none other than Kerry Spindler! In one of her latest article contribution about Facial Cupping on, Kerry dives into the fascinating practice of facial cupping, a technique that has piqued the curiosity of skincare enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In her article, Kerry takes us on a journey of discovery, exploring the history, benefits, and techniques involved in facial cupping. As a certified esthetician celebrity beauty expert, she expertly sheds light on the practice, helping us understand how this ancient healing modality can leave our skin looking more radiant, revitalized, and youthful.

As the article states Celebrity esthetician Kerry Spindler explains on her website that it’s also important you don’t attempt facial cupping if you have certain health conditions. If you have bad swelling, tumors, cancer, inflammation, heart disease, or thrombosis, it’s best to wait until the condition clears up. If you do happen to have any of the health conditions listed, you might still be able to get facial cupping in some instances, but you’ll need to check with your dermatologist or esthetician first.” Read More:

Not one to shy away from trying new treatments, Kerry shares her own experiences with facial cupping, giving us an authentic, firsthand account of the results she has witnessed. Throughout the article, she also offers tips and advice for those curious about trying facial cupping themselves, making it an essential read for anyone looking to elevate their skincare routine. Her philosophy is a whole body approach which is demonstrated with her integrated health beliefs.

Contributions From Kerry Spindler

Kerry has been a respected and sought-after esthetician for years, and her knowledge in skincare is both vast and impressive. Featured in Cosmopolitan, Skin, Inc., InStyle Magazine, Fox Health, Lifetime for Women and many other media outlets, this article, explains the benefits of facial cupping, methods, and how it can help improve common skin concerns. With her guidance, we can now understand why facial cupping is gaining popularity and becoming a go-to treatment for many.

Popularity and Demand among Readers readers have shown a surge of interest in facial cupping therapies recently. The response indicates that people are ready for new and unique ways to improve their skincare routines:

  • Thousands of social media shares and likes
  • A steep increase in requests for facial cupping tutorials
  • Numerous positive testimonials from readers who’ve tried it and seen results

In summary, facial cupping is undeniably making waves in the beauty world, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. With experts like Kerry Spindler sharing their insights and passion, the possibilities for skincare advancements are endless. It’s time for all of us to explore facial cupping and unlock its potential for healthier, more radiant skin!

Rejuvenation and Wellness Benefits

We just read Kerry Spindler’s fantastic piece on about facial cupping, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the incredible benefits this treatment offers! First and foremost, facial cupping is known for its rejuvenation and wellness benefits. By increasing blood flow to the facial tissues, it helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Plus, the increased circulation can provide a natural face-lifting effect, leaving our skin looking more youthful and radiant.

Moreover, facial cupping also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting proper drainage and reducing water retention that can contribute to puffiness or swelling in the face. The result? A more toned and contoured appearance that we simply can’t wait to try ourselves!

User Guidance from Kerry

Kerry doesn’t just provide us with the benefits of facial cupping but also offers valuable guidance on how to achieve the best results. She advises us to start by finding a skilled practitioner since proper technique is crucial for effective treatment. Kerry explains, and we agree, that it’s important to communicate with our cupping therapist about our specific needs and skincare goals. This will ensure tailored sessions that leave us feeling vibrant and refreshed.

To optimize our facial cupping experience, Kerry suggests incorporating some aftercare tips as well. She recommends using sunscreen after our treatments to protect our sensitive skin from sun damage, and keeping our skin hydrated with a quality moisturizer.

We’re grateful to Kerry Spindler for sharing her expertise on facial cupping, and can’t wait to experience the rejuvenation and wellness benefits for ourselves!


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