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Oncology Friendly Services for Cancer Patients

Oncology Friendly Services for Cancer Patients

At our wellness facility, we provide Oncology-friendly services for cancer patients. Our founder, Kerry Spindler, is a Melanoma Survivor, understands the challenges you may face during your journey and is committed to helping you feel comfortable and safe. As certified professionals, we specialize in Oncology Esthetics, which is an advanced field of study that involves modifying skincare practices to cater to the effects of cancer and cancer treatments. We offer treatments that are safe for those undergoing treatment or post-treatment.

The professional esthetics industry can be quite demanding. This is because technological advancements keep emerging, and new ingredients need to be recognized, while new standards are constantly being set. When you consider that as many as four out of every ten people will get cancer in their lifetime, it becomes clear that the industry has to keep up with the times. The staggering reality is that by the year 2030, there could be as many as 23.6 million new cases of cancer annually. Boston has the best hospitals in the world bringing hope to those that are fighting.

Patients who are living with, recovering from, or surviving cancer require special treatment plans that can help in calming and soothing their bodies without overstimulating their lymphatic system. Cancer treatments can be tough on the skin, which is one of the challenges we aim to alleviate. In addition, research has shown that the power of human touch, a facial, specialized massage, or even Reiki, can help in reducing pain, improving mood, and reducing fatigue among cancer patients.

Fighting cancer and undergoing treatments can take a significant toll on our body systems, including our skin health. We understand that this can be a challenging time, and we are committed to providing specialized treatments to nourish your skin and reduce stress levels as much as possible. Our goal is to help you feel better during this difficult time and improve extreme dryness, inflammation, and the fragile state your skin may experience. Our team has undergone rigorous training to work with you and provide unique products and therapies that soothe, hydrate, and strengthen your skin’s weakened barrier.

Self-care is a purposeful and effective stress reliever.

A compassionate touch can make you feel cared for and like yourself again. Even temporary detachment can bring quiet and stress relief.

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