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Whole Body Integrated Health and Wellness Spa in Greater Boston

whole body integrated health and wellness

Whole body Integrated health and wellness services are the new paradigm in healing and it is the future of healthcare. We at Kerry Spindler’s Bespoke Aesthetics Spa believe in integrated healthcare for everyone. We integrate a holistic skin care model with advanced medical techniques. Our holistic skin care models include chiropractic, reiki, yoni vagina steam, body cupping, and custom facials. A stress-free lifestyle, and other important lifestyle changes to increase skin quality.

What is Whole Body Integrated Health Spa?

A wholebody integrated healthcare facility makes changes in non-medical aspects of one’s lifestyle through evidence-based strategies like chiropractic, therapeutic massage, counseling, body cupping, and other modalities before resorting to medicine-grade techniques. This is what Kerry Spindler also believes in. She wants to provide organic healthcare plans to her esteemed clientele with naturally sourced products and calm the mind body and soul. She believes that sometimes all your skin needs is a few lifestyle changes, physical adjustments, and advanced medical-grade techniques so harsh medical intervention can be avoided altogether. Perhaps a check and balance on your stress levels or even leveling up on your skincare routine can make a world of difference for your skin glow.

With so many skincare treatments available at Kerry Spindler’s Spa in Boston, an integrated healthcare system ensures skincare is approached holistically and not just medically. From vaginal steams, YOUphoria curative skincare product line to bespoke facials, Kerry Spindler’s spa offers natural solutions to health problems at every step of the way.

Why Whole Body Integrated Health and Wellness?

Kerry, who was recently featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, is a stage 2 cancer survivor. Organically sourced products and natural techniques have brought her immense rejoice and soothing. She wants to spread such a whole body holistic healthcare approach to her clients as well. Kerry believes in a fully bespoke (tailored) approach, complete with guidance on home-care practices and lifestyle changes. Her unique treatment plans fuse holistic methods with next-generation science. 

Your mental and physical health is of utmost importance for Kerry. She wants you to glow in every way. She has brought holistic and curative skincare to the Boston area. With her tailored spa services, she wants to be ahead of the curve and introduce a next-gen integrative healthcare system into the skincare market.

How Does Kerry Spindler’s Spa Provide Whole Body Integrated Health and Wellness?

Our outstanding Practitioners, Kerry Spindler, and Nina Restrepo, always strive to find a natural pathway to skin healing. Most of the time the underlying causes of a skin condition are behavioral or psychological. Skin quality may decrease due to:

  • Excessive pollutants in the environment
  • Undue stress and anxiety
  • Debilitating depression
  • Daily stressors in one’s life
  • Bad skin maintenance routine
  • No sleep or exercise
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Blockages in the body, organs, and nerves

All of these factors point towards a behavioral or mental change within the client to achieve desired results i.e. glowing and supple skin. A practitioner who looks at their client with a holistic eye can catch such issues and the reasons behind them. So sometimes it is not necessary to go towards medical intervention but, many times a natural healing pathway can be integrated into skin care treatments for long-lasting beauty and skin health. 

Here is how we create an integrative healthcare facility.

  1. At Kerry Spindler’s Aesthetics Spa, a one-on-one counseling session with the aesthetician helps in accounting for behavioral and emotional causes behind skin problems.
  2. During a counseling session, due importance is given to the client’s daily eating, drinking, and sleeping habits. Holistic guidance is provided accordingly. 
  3. We are an integrated health facility. We have a chiropractor in our office to help lead a natural pathway to one’s health before resorting to medical-grade techniques. 
  4. With natural herb-infused steams and a curative skincare line that is both naturally and medically sourced. We believe in integrative skincare which fuses holistic methods with next-gen technology.

Dr. Ann Flores – Doctor of Chirporactic

Dr. Ann is the owner of Flores Chiropractic Clinics in Boston but also sits with Kerry’s Aesthetics Spa as an integrative care physician. Dr. Ann strives to provide holistic care with the help of other healthcare physicians to heal your skin, mind, and spirit and self-confidence.

Chiropractors achieve natural wellness by avoiding medical-grade techniques and inclining towards a more robust and organic approach to skincare. Integrative skin care is an individualized wellness plan created uniquely for each client combining several modalities. Dr. Ann’s expertise lies in integrative care in the following therapies:

1. Graston Technique

Graston Technique It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently. The therapy is designed to help the practitioner identify areas of restriction and attempt to break up scar tissue

2. Biologically based therapy

The introduction of dietary supplements or specialized diet plans can help clients overcome skin problems that are usually caused by poor diet or deficiencies within the diet.

3. Body-based manipulative therapy

Chiropractic care, massage, and reflexology are all integrative and alternative therapies offered by Dr. Ann so you do not resort to medical-grade techniques immediately. In most cases, skin care issues are resolved through an integrative health care system in place.

4. Energy therapy

Body cupping, reiki, and Graston are various energy therapies that introduce positive hormones and cells within the body. Dr. Ann uses the therapeutic touch to heal mental scars which can relax your skin and heal acne scars as well.

5. Whole medical systems

Naturopathy and ayurvedic are whole-body medical treatments practiced by Dr. Ann as an integrative approach to improving skin quality.

Kerry Spindler’s Aesthetics Spa: Where Integrative Personalized Care Meets Skin Care

When psychology and medicine join forces, the result is integrative therapy and healthcare whose results are incomparable with other mainstream solutions to skin troubles. Someone needs to strike a balance between these treatments to achieve a zen solution for your mind, spirit, and skin.

Kerry Spindler’s Bespoke Aesthetics Spa is tailored to your particular skincare requirements and concerns. We integrate medical healthcare with world-class wellness practitioners. Kerry Spindler is a wellness professional herself and believes that the only way forward is through integrative healthcare. The wave of healthcare in the future is integrative health and Kerry Spindler’s team is way ahead of the curve.

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