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Jet Peeling Treatment for All Skin Types

Jet Peeling Treatment

Have you imagined how you would feel if you find out that you look 5-10 years younger than your age? 

A Jet Peeling Treatment may be the answer to refreshed and renewed skin! In time past, people have cared about their skin and have devised different methods to make their skin look better. From working on their diet, and developing a skincare routine, to undergoing skincare treatments.

When it comes to making your skin better, some methods will require some time for you to get results, while some guarantee an immediate result.

If you are looking to get immediate results on your skin with minimal effort, then a Jet Peel Treatment is best for you. A jet peel treatment helps your skin look better by exfoliating, oxygenating, and infusing useful nutrients into your skin.

Investing in a jet peel treatment is not a waste at all since it generally improves your appearance and how you feel about yourself. 

The good thing about the jet peel treatment is that it is not invasive. This means that you can undergo the procedure with zero recovery/downtime. This treatment is perfect for you if you don’t want to undergo a surgical process to improve your skin.

What is A Jet Peeling Treatment All About?

A jet peel treatment is a non-invasive skincare treatment that utilizes a 3-step dermal infusion system that improves the general appearance of your skin as well as tackles signs of ageing.

Jet peel treatment has become a more popular and better skin treatment for people with sensitive skin. Skin treatments like chemical peels may be harsh on sensitive skin, and may not work for some skin types. Jet peels work for pretty much every skin.

Jet peeling is a natural and relaxing treatment that can be used to treat a wide variety of skin challenges. A jet peel treatment will work whether you are currently treating acne or other skin challenges.

What Are the Benefits of Jet Peel Treatment?

Jet peel is a non-invasive skincare treatment that is ideal for all skin types. Asides from the glowing effect that the treatment has on your skin, the jet peel also benefits your skin and health in a variety of ways.

Let us take a look at some benefits of the jet peel treatment below:

Helps to Deal with Signs of Ageing

The jet peel can also be considered an anti-ageing skincare treatment because it helps to deal with common signs of ageing skin like wrinkles, loose skin, sun damage, etc. 

Jet peeling helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines because the procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which helps to tighten up and make the skin appear younger.

Helps to Exfoliate the Skin

Sometimes specks of dirt, dead skin, and product build-ups can affect the general appearance of the skin. Skin treatments like the jet peel treatment help to deal with these issues by gently exfoliating the skin to get rid of dirt, dead skin, etc. 

Exfoliating the skin helps to reduce skin pores, the appearance of scars, and even your skin tone. The exfoliation process in the jet peel treatment also helps to oxygenate the skin, stimulate circulation, and finally prepare the skin for the infusion process.

No Down Time

One of the big benefits of the jet peel treatment is Zero downtime. Since this treatment procedure is a non-invasive one (doesn’t require surgery or an intrusive method), you can get back to your life immediately after treatment.

With the Jet Peel treatment, you can give your skin an immediate glow without moving your schedule.

Asides from the benefits listed above, jet peel treatment also provide the following benefits:

  • Helps to brighten without the use of chemicals.
  • Tightens and lifts loose skin.
  • Deals with saggy skin and under-eye bags.
  • Helps to blend uneven skin tones.
  • Deals with dark circles.
  • Deals with oily skin and congested skin pores.
  • Deals with acne and blackheads. 

What Makes Jet Peel Stand Out from Other Skin Treatments?

The Jet peel treatment is considered a cutting-edge technology because of its method. This skin treatment method combines oxygen and saline for lymphatic drainage (a skin cleansing and exfoliation process) and then creates a jet stream of micro-droplets.

The micro-droplets contain nutrients (hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, etc.) that are delivered to the dermal layer of the skin. 

The jet power reaches a skin depth of up to 4.5 mm (3/16″). (Source: University of Leipzig, Germany.)

The unique advantage of the jet peel treatment in comparison with other skincare treatments is that it penetrates the dermal layer of the skin to nourish it without hurting the patient.

This process has a more natural approach to improving the appearance of the skin. The peel treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and infuses the skin with a serum that helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Which in turn improves the general appearance of the skin.

How Does the Jet Peel Treatment Work?

The Jet Peel treatment works by following a simple 3-step method to improve the skin’s appearance. 

Step 1: Jet Lymphatic Drainage

At this stage, a jet stream of oxygen and sterile saline is introduced to the skin to gently remove skin debris and exfoliate dead skin. The oxygenation process also stimulates micro-circulation. Your aesthetician will use different massage motions on your skin with the jet stream to move toxins toward lymph nodes within the face/neck.

Note: Lymphatic drainage simply moves debris and toxins from your tissues to your lymph nodes where these bacteria and viruses will be destroyed.

Step 2: Jet Exfoliation

For this process, acid, and organic substances like aloe vera, etc. are infused deep into the skin for an effective peel without scaling.

Layers of dead skin are gently removed from the surface of the skin.

Step 3: Jet Infusion 

For this process, a micro-droplet containing useful nutrients will be infused into your skin. Depending on your skin type/challenges, specific bio-active serums (hyaluronic acid, biopeptides, Vitamin A+E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, etc. ) will be infused into the dermal area of your skin through a jet stream.

How Will I Look After A Jet Peel?

Your skin will look hydrated, bright, and refreshed after a jet peel treatment. A jet peel treatment will leave you with glowing skin without any downtime.

Jet Peel Treatment in Boston

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