We are LGBTQIA Friendly Spa, With Experience to Match

Here at Kerry Spindler Bespoke Aesthetics Spa, we LGBTQIA friendly. We are committed to creating a safe environment where LGBTQIA clients can feel comfortable receiving care. We offer openness and discretion that is not offered at every studio. Pair this with the talent and experience found at Kerry Spindler, and you can be confident you will be in good hands.

We Offer a Safe Space

When you think of a spa, you likely think of a calming environment filled with natural elements and relaxing music. You might picture small waterfalls or salt lamps. Spas are often considered relaxing places where people can take a load off and receive some beauty treatments at the same time.

This is not the reality for everyone. Transitioning clients, and others within the LGBTQIA+ community, go into spas in hopes of getting the same type of care as other clients. Instead of having this relaxing experience, they often receive judgment and stress. According to NCBI, transgender people run into barriers when they try to receive health care. They may be discriminated against based on gender or harassed by other clients. Some people have specifically protested allowing transgender clients into spas.

Simply put, clients who identify as being LGBTQIA+ never know what they will face when they head into a new spa. We realize that transitioning clients have unique experiences and barriers when seeking care. They are confronted with harmful comments and discrimination regularly. Our LGBTQIA+ clients often need more attention as they heal their minds and bodies through the many treatments we offer. 

We want our LGBTQIA2s+ clients to feel safe.

We fully believe in the power of holistic and clinical wellness, and we want everyone to have access to this care. However, making sure people have access to these services is not enough. We want every person that walks into our spa to feel welcome and accepted. That is what is truly important to us.

We hope that being clear about our passion for acceptance helps eliminate some of the fear felt by transitioning or LGBTQIA2+ clients. What we offer has nothing to do with the gender of a person. We are here to help people regardless of how they identify, but one part of helping our clients thrive is doing everything in our power to honor all of our clients.

We understand that our LGBTQIA2s+ clients deal with a lot in their everyday lives. Our goal is to take some of that weight off their backs and help them heal. 

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