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All You Should Know about Vagina Steaming (Yoni Steaming)

All You Should Know about Vaginal Steaming (Yoni Steaming)

Have you ever heard of vaginal steaming?

Vagina steaming or ‘v steam’ is an age-long practice where females sit on top of a pot of steaming herbs. The process of allowing the steam from the pot to travel through the vaginal is what is referred to as vaginal steaming.

Can you imagine steaming your vagina?

Let’s look at it this way: The vaginal experiences a lot, from menstrual cramps to sexual intercourse, to childbirth, hormonal imbalance, etc. all of which can cause strain and discomfort to the area.

While various medical practitioners have shunned the practice of vaginal steaming due to a lack of formal success data and enough research in this area, many people have testified to its benefits.

We believe that anything that provides a soothing relief/comfort to the body is beneficial, not to talk of your private area. That is exactly what vaginal steaming does and even more. 

According to OB/GYN and women’s health expert Anna Cabeca, D.O., “Vaginal steaming is relaxing, and anything we can do to bring us down from stress is good!” 

What is Vaginal Steaming?

We have already talked about vaginal steaming in the introduction, but let’s make it more straightforward. vaginal steaming is a feminine health practice of sitting on top of a pot of hot water (usually mixed with natural herbs) and allowing the steam to reach and rinse the exposed vaginal.

People often use different phrases to refer to vaginal steaming. Phrases like V steaming, steam baths, and Yoni steaming are all different names for the practice of vaginal steaming.

(Note: Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit.)

Why Should I Steam My Vagina?

It is only normal for you to be curious about the benefits of vaginal steaming before engaging in the practice. 

When it comes to talking about the benefits of vaginal steaming, we like to approach it first from the general ways that we use steam for our health. This helps to give a simple logical background to understanding the benefits of vaginal steaming.

Alright, let us take a look at ways you use steam for your health.

  1. You use steam to open pores in your face

During your facial treatment at home or in a spa, you use a hot towel to cover your face. The hot towel on your face allows steam to travel through your pores for effective cleaning. 

  1. You use steam to clear your sinuses when you have a cold

When you breathe in the steam from hot water when you have a cold, the steam moves into your nostrils and loosens the built-up mucus. Loosening built-up mucus helps to reduce the feeling of congestion.

  1. Steam is used to promote sweating and detoxification

Sweating helps with detoxification. Detoxification is the process of helping the body get rid of things that it does not need. Since your skin is the largest organ, detoxifying through your skin is an effective means. 

Since we have looked at another way you use steam for your health, let us apply this same logic to the vaginal to understand the benefits of vaginal steaming. 

Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

The benefits of vaginal steaming are the same as other ways that you use steam for your health. Just as in the case of your sinuses, facials, or your body in general, vaginal steaming helps to release old residue, clear up mucus, and aid detoxification.

The basic benefit of vaginal steaming is relaxation. The practice of vaginal steaming involves a calm process that allows hot steam gently penetrate the vagina. This self-care practice can help you relax and improve your body positivity. 

Other benefits include:

  • It helps to reduce menstrual cramps.
  • Helps to regulate menstrual period circles.
  • Helps to reduce brown and black bleeding.
  • Increases the rate of postpartum recovery.
  • It helps to reduce large blood clots during menstruation.
  • Decrease infection
  • Aids relaxation can further improve your sleep.
  • Increase libido.
  • Incerase natural lubrication.
  • Helps with hormonal imbalance.
  • Helps reduce digestive issues.
  • It helps to relieve haemorrhoid pains and discomfort.

How does vagina steaming work?

vaginal steaming is a calm and relaxing vagina care practice. To do vaginal steam, you have to squat or sit over a pot of hot water emitting steam. In most cases, hot water contains herbs or other organic substances with health benefits. 

Herbs like Mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, or other organic substance like onions are allowed to sit and release their flavours into the water. The ingredients in the herbs travel through the steam into the vagina. 

Vaginal steaming is best done in a special spa. You can still do your vaginal steaming at home even if a Spa provides an accommodating environment.

Is Vagina Steaming Safe? 

Vaginal steaming is a gentle self-care practice that doesn’t really pose any serious health challenge. Although safe to a large extent, you may experience some health challenges if you do it wrongly.

The major risk factor associated with vaginal steaming is ‘vaginal burns’. The effects of vaginal burns can be really uncomfortable. 

Most times, burns that occur as a result of vaginal steaming happens when people steam their vaginal at home. 

The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada journal in 2019 published a report about a 62-year-old woman who suffered from second-degree burns on her vagina after vaginal steam. 

To prevent the risks of getting your vagina burnt, book an appointment with an experienced Spa to get your vaginal steamed. 

Asides from burns, steaming the vagina can alter the bacteria that is naturally maintained in the vaginal. According to medical experts, the vaginal is a self-cleansing organ and does not need any external help.

While the vagina is self-cleansing just like our bodies are made to self-heal, helping to clean the vaginal does not hurt and can make a difference. 

Who Should Do Vagina Steaming?

Every mature woman without threatening health challenges can do vaginal steaming. Females above age 13 can do vaginal steaming. 

Vaginal steaming can also be used to relieve some gynaecological issues. Females suffering from issues like PCOS, hormonal imbalance, period issues, brown or black discharge after periods, painful periods, vaginal dryness, fibroids, and also women that just had a delivery.

Yes, vaginal steaming can help relieve some gynaecological issues, but you don’t need to have one before doing vaginal steaming. You can use it as a self-care procedure for your private area. 

Vaginal steaming is a simple process that can improve the general health of your vagina.

Who Should Not Do Vaginal Steaming?

Although Vaginal steaming is a healthy self-care practice, however, it may not be ideal for some people at certain times. 

You should not do vaginal steaming when:

  • You just got an IUI
  • After your ovulation, if you are trying to conceive (on a TTC journey)
  • You are on your period

Does Vaginal Steam Help with PCOS?

Although, there are no medical data to back up the claims that vaginal steaming helps to relieve PCOS. However, practitioners have attested to the potency of vaginal steaming in relation to PCOS.

According to Dr. Megha Tuli (Gynaecologist, Women’s Specialist & Pristyn Care Clinic, Gurgaon) PCOS is characterized by lengthy cycles and high testosterone levels. A cyst is actually secondary findings. You can have it even without PCOS. Vaginal steaming does not help in curing the root cause but it helps the uterus. 

Vaginal steaming helps in reducing the load of the PCOS on your reproductive system. So, if you are a woman who has periods every 15 days or 50 days or more, in fact, I have a couple who gets periods twice in a year. So, what happens in those 6 months. 

The uterus does not stop making its uterine lining, it is just that it keeps getting collected. So, that needs to be shed. So, vaginal steaming makes sure that whatever actually is intended to come out, it will come out. Nothing will be left behind. Moreover, it will also stimulate the periods. 

So, vaginal steaming makes sure that uterine lining is fresh in every cycle and every month. Ideally, the body should be doing this every single month. But it comes in a very serious mode when one is trying to conceive. If you are trying to get pregnant and trying not to take hormonal pills for your treatment.

Is there a Need to Do Vaginal Steaming Since the Vagina is Self-Cleansing

Yes, the vaginal is a self-cleansing organ that is supposed to cleanse and maintain itself, but it needs support to remain healthy just like other organs of our body.

Generally, the body is programmed to heal itself, but there are situations when the body can’t heal itself and needs external support.

According to research, 20.4% of American adults dealing with chronic pain and more than 40% of Americans affected by chronic diseases?

Just like the body, you can help your vaginal stay healthy. If you are experiencing a uterine issue, then your uterus may not be able to cleanse itself, then doing vaginal steam can help save the day.

Vaginal steaming involves adding herbs to hot water and allowing the steam to travel through the vagina to the uterus. 

Vaginal steaming is a pretty simple and logical process. Placing the herbs of your choice in hot water helps the herbs to release all their medicinal properties that are carried to the surface of your skin and absorbed by your uterus, ovaries, etc. 

Just like we said earlier, the herbal steam thins mucus, increases circulation, cleanses your whole body system, and keeps it healthy.

How Often Should I Steam?

How often or how long you should steam your vaginal depends on a variety of things like different points in your menstrual cycle (ovulation, menstrual period, etc.) and the general health of your body.

Asides from the above considerations, you can do vaginal steaming once every week or 4 times a month. 

How Long Should I Steam my Vagina?

You can sit on top of hot water to steam your vagina for 15-20 minutes. Always make sure the heat is mild and bearable enough for you. Sitting for too long on top of very hot water can cause scalding and burns. 

Asides from getting burnt, it also doesn’t take long for the herbs that you added to the hot water to release all of their medicinal properties. So, 15-20 minutes is enough time for the medicinal properties in the herbs to penetrate and cleanse your uterus.

Vaginal Steaming Locations Near Me (Where Can I Find a Vaginal Steaming Spa)?

While it is possible for you to do vaginal steaming at home, it is safer for you to do it in a spa. Spas that offer vaginal steaming services have all the tools and the right environment that will help you stay safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Finding a vaginal steaming spa is easy depending on your preference. If you want a Vaginal Steaming Spa in Boston, we are available to help you.

Kerry Spindler runs a Vaginal Steaming Spa in Boston that has received a lot of positive reviews from several women all over the United States.

Click here to view the v steam services offered by Kerry Spindler – Skin. Beauty. Wellness, a Boston Med Spa and Holistic Studio.

Vaginal steaming is a simple practice that can improve the health of your vagina, uterus, and your whole reproductive system. Take a look at frequently asked questions about vaginal steaming to understand it better.

Book a vaginal steaming service from a professional spa online in minutes and then get direct answers to your questions.

Is Yoni Steaming the same as Vaginal Steaming?

Yes, it is. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for Vagina.

  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Our Signature Vagina Steam

    $95.00 Book Appointment

    60 Mins | Signature Vagina Steam | $95

    Our Vagina Steam inspired by an ancient Yoni ritual practiced for hundreds of years in Asia and Africa. This steaming treatment stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health, aids regular menstrual cycles, promotes circulation, and helps correct digestive disorders.

  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Postpartum Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Postpartum Vagina Steam | $50

    A Postpartum Vagina Steam blend helps to improve postpartum depression symptoms, promotes the production of mother’s milk for the infant’s benefit, increases circulation, eases the after pains of childbirth and can assist in healing vaginal atrophy and infections.


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Purification Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Purification Vagina Steam | $50

    The Purification Vagina Steam is a gentle, safe and pH-balanced way address the vaginal and uterine linings. The warm herbal steam improves circulation and can alleviate symptoms caused by, or related to congestion in these tissues


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Vagina Steam Package

    $200.00 Book Appointment

    Series of 5 – 30 Minute Treatments| Vagina Steam Package | $200

    How can a vagina steam package be a part of your self care ? “Yoni” vagina steaming is an ancient practice that is thought to be beneficial in cleansing the vagina and uterus, regulating the menstrual cycle, easing the pain of period cramps and bloating, and aiding in healing and soothing after childbirth. The practice can also be very meditative.

  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Miscarriage Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Miscarriage Vagina Steam | $50

    Our hearts wrap around you and your family as you process the loss of your baby and pregnancy.  The heavy emptiness that comes with miscarriage loss is beyond words.  Our hearts hold you in this tender space that is special for mothers whose babies come too soon. In times like these, small things to honor yourself help so much.


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Menopause Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Menopause Vagina Steam | $50

    The Menopause Vagina Steam blend is specially designed for women experiencing night-sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and are already in peri-menopause or post menopause.


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Menstrual Support Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Menstrual Support Vagina Steam | $50

    The Menstrual Support Vagina Steam is ideal for women who have extreme menstrual pain, heavy flow, excess bloat and/or irregularities such as intermittent bleeding, absent, or unpredictable menstrual cycles and wish to restore a healthy natural cycle.


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Vagina Steam Party: All the Ladies in the House!

    Book Appointment

    2 Hours | 4 Ladies | $500 –  All the Ladies in the House Vagina Steam Party –  3 Hours | 8 Ladies | $1000

    Looking for a unique event for you and your friends? All the Ladies in the House Vagina Steam Party for up to 8 ladies! Come enjoy a day/night of fun while Vagina steaming.  Bring snacks, drinks, music, and laughter.  Treat your sisters, mom, daughters, friends or whoever makes you feel empowered to be a woman!  The Chinese herbs can relieve stress and are so are soothing and relaxing that everyone will benefit.

    Steams are done in rotation of 4 women at once.


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Detox and Tighten Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Detox and Tighten Vagina Steam | $50

    The Detox and Tighten Vagina Steam is is a relaxing, detoxifying and tightening spa treatment for your nether regions which also increases your libido, cleanses and revitalizes the uterus.


  • Yoni Vagina Steam

    Infertility Vagina Steam

    $50.00 Book Appointment

    30 Mins | Infertility Vagina Steam | $50

    Using an Infertility blend of Chinese herbs,  this steam will enhance the health of the reproductive system, warm the womb and invigorate the circulation of the chi while stimulating blood flow to the uterus and clearing dampness.

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