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Vagina Steaming

The procedure, commonly known as Yoni or Vagina Steaming, is a traditional medical treatment that has recently gained popularity for its supposed healing and rejuvenating properties. The spa treatment, available at Kerry Spindler Bespoke Aesthetics Spa in Boston, offers a comforting and detoxifying experience for the intimate area, purportedly improving libido, cleansing and revitalizing the uterus, and relieving painful menstrual symptoms. Moreover, the treatment’s effectiveness extends beyond menstruating individuals as it can also alleviate issues in the lower digestive tract, such as itching, bumps, hemorrhoids, fistulas, and fissures.

  • HydroExfoliation Back Facial
    Body Treatment

    HydroExfoliation Back Facial

    $235.00 Book Appointment

    55 Mins | HydroExfoliation Back Facial | $235

    Our HydroExfoliation Back Facial is a unique and groundbreaking treatment that addresses all skincare concerns with a 3-step process. The HydroExfoliation vortex-fusion technology gently cleanses, extracts all the impurities from deep within the skin pores of the back, suctions away the excess oil, then infuses the skin with a specific formulation of skincare products catering to your needs.

    Wearing something backless? You NEED this in your life!

  • Bespoke Facials

    Crystal Grid Holistic Facial

    $145.00 Book Appointment
    55 Min | Crystal Grid Holistic Facial| $145
    The Crystal Grid Holistic Facial is a personalized, intuitive facial with healing touch, hand-picked results driven skincare ingredients and aromatherapy. Kerry incorporates her love of lymphatic drainage (face) with the lifting and sculpting techniques of gua sha or vibration therapy for circulation and product penetration.
  • Body Treatment

    “Wicked Tan” Sunless Glow

    $90.00 Book Appointment

    45 Mins | Wicked Tan Sunless Glow | $90

    Get a touch of sunshine with Wicked Tan Sunless Glow without sun damage or streaks with a professional exfoliation and even application of our exclusive sunless tan solution. Enjoy our oasis like setting at our greater Boston location.

  • Body Treatment

    Spiritual Facial: Energy Healing

    $150.00 Book Appointment

    70 Mins | The Spiritual Facial | $150

    The Spiritual Facial: Energy Healing – this treatment offers good intentions or meditation is used to invite harmony throughout the chakras, body, mind, spirit. It’s a journey, and many clients share they feel deeply restored and aligned as they float out of the treatment room.

  • Body Treatment

    Baby Got Back-Ne

    $145.00 Book Appointment
    55 Mins | Baby Got Back-Ne | $145

    Baby Got Back-Ne Back Facial deep-cleanses, exfoliates and polishes your back to a silky smoothness.  We’ll relax you even further with a back massage to release tension. We end with a hydrating mask.   This treatment is great for backs with acne problems or when going backless. and just wanting to feel great!

    For all skin types and tones.

  • reiki healing energy boston
    Body Treatment

    Reiki Healing Energy

    $98.00 Book Appointment

    55 Mins | Reiki Energy Healing | $98

    Reiki energy healing originated from the belief that every living being emits an energy field, a belief supported by multiple scientific studies on resonance and frequency.

    When we as human beings experience sickness, stress, and injury that energy field becomes imbalanced or impaired. Reiki is a style of energy healing that allow us to heal energy fields by transmitting energy through the hands.

Med Spa & Holistic Studio

Within our serene room, every steam client can relax comfortably on a chair that is uniquely designed to create a gentle vortex of steam specifically targeted towards areas of concern. The steam is infused with therapeutic herbs, which have been carefully selected to cater to specific ailments and issues. The herbs used in these special formulations include basil, calendula, mugwort, marshmallow root, wormwood and rose petals, along with purified water. The infused steam works by dilating blood vessels to increase blood circulation, providing oxygen to the area, and consequently relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. This treatment is a part of a holistic approach to wellness. We recommend that you do not schedule an appointment during your menstruation period, if you are pregnant, have sores/blisters or an active herpes breakout. Please visit our website to book an appointment.

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