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Protection Needed: Why Sunscreen Is Essential For Winter Skin

sunscreen in winter

Why It’s Still Important to Protect Your Skin

Do I need sunscreen in winter months? If you have been wondering whether to apply skin protection in winter, you have come to the right place to get the lowdown on sunscreen application. Find out which SPF is suitable for your skin tone and for the dry winter months. If you live in high altitudes, then which SPF suits you? What makes sunscreen the best for winter and where can you find it?

Why Should I Use Sunscreen In the Winter?

Although the sun’s rays are not very strong in winter time as compared to summer, the UV rays are still falling on your skin and destroying it at a rapid rate. This brings on photoaging at a swifter rate than usual. This is premature aging of the skin caused due to ultraviolet radiation exposure. A study says that only 10% of US citizens wear sunscreen in summer months and of that 10% most of them stop wearing it as the season changes.

Photoaging causes you to look older than you actually are. And it affects browner skin tones more than fairer ones. With the amplification of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, your face loses its glow and suppleness. What is more alarming is that not wearing sunscreen can cause skin cancer, especially in the winter months. That’s because the ozone layer is thinnest during winter and can wreak havoc on your skin quality and melanin within these cold months. So sunscreen is extremely important during the winter months. Book a skin appointment with a dermatologist or wellness practitioner near you and find out the reasons for your aging skin today.

Tips For Sunscreen Application

You can keep your skin protected this winter by observing the following tips and tricks.

  • When you apply sunscreen, don’t just use it on your face but apply it lavishly on all the parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun.
  • Make sure you have applied your sunscreen properly at least 20 minutes before you head out.
  • Sometimes we forget the less observable parts of the face and body while applying sunscreen. Do not forget to apply it on the underside of your chin and the bottom of your nose.
  • If you are staying outside for more than 2 hours, apply the sunscreen every two hours, especially if you are going to be sweating a lot.

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Which Sunscreen Is The Best For This Winter?

As a general rule of thumb, a good sunscreen for winter must:

  1. Be a broad-spectrum one that provides protection against UVA as well as UVB rays,
  2. Have an SPF 30 at the least for sun protection,
  3. Be powerful enough to block out 97% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

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Sunscreen Products For Wintry Dry Skin

YOUphoria curative skincare products offer a wide range of SPF formulations. Best for winter and non-abrasive with complete skin protection, YOUphoria has sunscreen solutions for YOU.

Sheer Dear SPF46

If you love winter sports or perhaps you live in higher altitudes, then a higher SPF than 30 is best for you. YOUphoria offers Sheer Dear with SPF 46 which is an oil-free, anti-oxidative formulation. It consists of skin soothing properties that offer skin protection against UVB, UVA, and Infrared Radiation. Get a fresh glow with this fast-absorbing SPF that contains high levels of niacinamide.

Supergoop Sunscreen Solutions

YOUphoria houses a number of Supergoop sunscreen products for hands and body. They all range between SPF 40 and SPF 50 but their mineral-based formulation and targeted efficacy work wonders for active men and women. The new Supergoop Handscreen is a reef-safe formula without octinoxate, but has all the benefits of a normal sunscreen.

Kerry Spindler takes pride in her cruelty-free YOUphoria products. For more on sunscreens, visit the product listing at her online shop. Kerry Spindler is a stage 2 cancer survivor and wants to dedicate her life to providing premium and advanced skincare to those around her. Wearing sunscreen is an essential part of life, just like taking a bath or breathing fresh air. Remember to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays with sunscreen in winter. If damaged skin is causing you trouble, head on over to her bespoke aesthetics spa in Boston and get a complete skin assessment.

All Your Burning Skin FAQs

  1. What SPF Is Needed In Winters?

Ans. Whatever works for your skin type and your sensitivity to skin will decide the SPF amount you require. For sensitive skin, you need SPF 50+ protection. However, SPF30 is suitable for normal skin types in the winter.

  1. Is SPF 50 too much for winter?

Ans. SPF 50 or higher is good for you against reflected sun rays if you live in higher altitudes. Also, it is good for you if you are active in sports. For the latter, make sure you use a water and sweat-resistant sunscreen.

  1. How long does sunscreen last?

Ans. If you are asking topically, then re-application after every 2 hours is great, especially if you are sweat-prone or perhaps a super active individual. If you are asking about the sunscreen bottle, then one of those could last you a year from the date it was opened. This varies from sunscreen to sunscreen, so you should examine the product.

  1. Do darker-toned people need sunscreen?

Ans. There is a myth going around that people of darker skin don’t need sun protection. Let’s bust this myth! Sun UVB and UVA rays can affect individuals of all skin colors and skin types equally. It is important for everyone to wear sunscreen all year long to fight off any skin cancer risk.

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