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We can safely remove Age Spots, Sun Spots, Skin Tags, Cherry Angiomas, Fibromas, Keratosis, Cholesterol Deposits, Calcium Bumps, Hyper pigmentation, Broken Capillaries and Milias.

How it works

We use a compact device with a high frequency electrical current that delivers precise electrical sparks through micro electric probe to dehydrate a skin growth.

The probe dehydrates the area and a scab replaces where the growth originated. From this point on, new skin cells start regenerating from underneath. The treated area will heal, and new healthy skin will return and gradually take on the color of the surrounding tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skin types can skin tag and skin blemish removal be done on?

This is a unisex service for all skin types.

Does the Skin Tag and Blemish Removal procedure hurt?

There is minimal discomfort. We do apply a topical anesthetic 20 minutes prior to treatment to assist in your comfort.

How long does it take the skin to heal?

Healing time is relatively short, from a few days to few weeks (on larger spots). It really depends on the case, size and type of skin irregularity removed. Treated area might be irritated, turn red, and scabs will appear. Please follow the aftercare instructions provided at your service.

How many treatments will Skin Tags and Skin Blemish require?

Results of most cosmetic blemish removal treatments instantaneous and immediate. However, larger irregularities sometimes may need more than one treatment. Most will be gone and fade from the first treatment. If you require an additional treatment, it must be 4-6 weeks after the initial.

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What our Clients Say…

Real People, Real Reviews

Absolutely LOVE Kerry! Being a natural red head I had blonde lashes and brows and always wore makeup. After seeing Kerry for a lash lift and microblading I feel so confident without makeup it’s unreal! I will definitely be stopping in every time I go to Boston to get a facial and whatever else Kerry recommends!
I met Kerry when I first went to NYC on holidays a few years ago. Since then, every trip I took to NYC I always met with her for my skincare, that’s a long way to travel from Ireland but it was so worth it!
This time I made sure to get to Boston to see her, I’m just back from a facial and my skin has never felt better. I wish she would move to Ireland but this way I get to go on holidays and have my skin taken care of by Kerry. She always makes me feel so comfortable, she is so proactive and positive and she’s helpful with any complaint I’ve presented to her, I can’t recommend enough!
Kerry is the best! My eyebrows were horrible and the microblade she gave me is amazing! My eyebrows have never been more defined and full looking. Before they were microbladed there were some spots with no growth and from over-tweezing my brows were too far apart! Now I get complimented on having “perfect brows” by everyone!
Kerry has given me a lash lift that I swear by! I wear minimal make up so with full brows and lashes I’m good to go in 5 minutes in the morning!
Kerry is the only person I will ever trust with my skin. She is extremely knowledgeable about skincare and passionate about educating her clients and providing the best possible service. I’ve been seeing her for regular facials for the past two years and I’m amazed at how much healthier, clearer, and smoother my skin has become. She’s also helped me find the perfect natural skincare regimen for my skin that consists of only two products, and she keeps my brows looking immaculate. I can’t recommend Kerry highly enough. She is an skincare expert, a kind and comforting presence, and she goes above and beyond for her clients. She’s the best!


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