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You’re Too Sensitive


55 Mins | You’re Too Sensitive| $135
Calm, soothe and regain control of your sensitive skin with this facial. Reactive, sensitive and skin barrier damage. Great for rosacea or those with an over-stimulated skin barrier, access broken capillaries’ or high sensitivity to products.
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Calm Down! You’re Too Sensitive Facial for clients with rosacea are soothing services using products aimed at calming irritation and decreasing the appearance of redness associated with this skin condition. Facials for rosacea are designed to protect, correct, and boost the skin by strengthening delicate capillaries and evening skin tone.

When it comes to tender skin, you have to be a little more careful with products and procedures during a facial. For example, all skin types require exfoliation to remove built-up dead skin, but it needs to be done gently on those with delicate skin; all products used during the facial also need to be gentle, without irritating ingredients or strong fragrances.

Every product used in a sensitive skin facial at Kerry Spindler – Skin. Beauty Wellness is suitable for people with sensitive, reactive, or skin barrier damage.

Don’t let your sensitive skin prevent you from enjoying a healing and relaxing facial treatment.   Talk to your Practitioner to learn more about what will work for your skin (and what you should avoid).


Cancellation Policy: Please provide 24-hour notice of cancellation. Failure to cancel ahead of 24 hours may result in a $50 fee.