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The contouring mask reduces the appearance of large pores, creases, wrinkles, and fine lines while stimulating collagen production
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Aging is one of our main skin concerns. Our skin starts aging from 25 and from this time the collagen production slows meaning the skin becomes thinner and more fragile.  Aging can also be accelerated by sun damage and dehydration which is why our top recommendation to clients is to always wear an SPF and to drink plenty of water. However, we understand that this is not enough to stop aging altogether so we also offer many treatments which can help to slow and reverse the signs of aging. This Mask encourages an increase of collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin.

Peptides are important in the anti-aging process. They are fragments of proteins when combined in a certain way, form specific proteins. These proteins are the building blocks of our skin so without the peptides to form them, our skin starts to wrinkle and become less firm.

Combining the mother of all mask focuses on using these peptides, alongside other ingredients, and encouraging these into your skin so they can help to increase the elasticity of the skin again.

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