Hormone-ally Yours: Transgender, Birth Control, Menstrual


55 Mins | Hormone-ally Yours | $150

This clinical hormonal facial implements medical grade skincare products designs to work against bacteria, while soothing and restoring the skin to minimize minimal breakouts around the chin, beard area.  Period, birth control, menopause or transgender (on hormones) are best suited for this hormonal imbalance facial.


Your skin changes in response to hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Hormone-ally Yours is a clinical, hormonal balance facial that implements medical-grade skincare through deep foaming cleanse, chemical exfoliation, and some extractions.  A calming face mask will soothe the skin, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.   Professionally performed hormone facials will provide better results than at-home intervention alone. Your Practitioner will consult with you to ensure you use the appropriate home care regimen.

Facials can be a great way to care for transitioning transgender skin. This facial will focus on the the specific needs of the individual’s skin. The Hormone-ally Yours facial will focus on soothing, and balancing the skin, as hormone therapy and other factors during transition can sometimes cause skin changes.

Working with skincare a professional who has experience working with transgender individuals can help navigate the changes your skin will be experiencing.


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