Organic vs Medical Grade Skin Care: What You Need To Know

Clean and green skin care products are on the rise. Everyone wants to avoid putting chemicals on their skin to avoid any harm. Most users ‘prefer’ natural and organic skin treatments with enhanced medical grade effectiveness. But with high ozone levels, skin conditions like Vitiligo are on the rise, and medical skincare creams become the only solution for many. Only seasoned skin care professionals can guide us better in this web of holistic skincare brands and medical grade products.

This is where Kerry Spindler’s Bespoke Aesthetics Spa can provide guidance and support. Their holistic approach considers the complete human and not just their skin while offering skin solutions. Their service is “Bespoke’, which means they tailor it to every client’s requirements and skin condition. Her clients appreciate the customized blend of organic and medical grade skin care solutions.

Kerry Spindler’s Model of Skincare:

Kerry is a stage 2 cancer survivor who was recently published in Cosmopolitan magazine due to her commitment to skin health. She believes in a natural skincare regimen, reducing chemical toxicity in our skin pores. She is a pioneer of holistic skincare brands but, has developed a medical-grade solution to bridge the gap in efficacy. Her line is called YOUphoria’s curative skincare line. Each product of her brand is wholly sourced and medical and prescription grade to enhance their potency. She created this product line to aid health workers during the pandemic who were facing skin reactions by wearing tight face masks. With her health scare, Kerry realized that the need for holistic products and premium aesthetic spas is necessary. This is where she fused holistic skin care with next-gen science. At Kerry Spindler’s bespoke aesthetics spa, you can receive a holistic model in skin treatments with medical-grade enhancements.

Holistic vs medical grade skincare: The Difference

Holistic SkincareMedical grade Skincare
It is created from naturally occurring substances that have holistic propertiesIt is created from botanical or synthetic, materials that are refined for medicinal purposes in a lab.
These products are sometimes too gentle and not effective at curing skin conditions. No research or clinical trials are necessary.These products have prolonged effects on the skin. They are fast-acting and clinically tested to work together in a regimen.
These products are more organic and may be more expensive for its marketing and less for its efficiency with a skin conditions. Such products may seem more expensive, but they are targeted to handle skin ailments in their entirety. Efficiency is much more potent and reliable.
Holistic skin care has no long-term benefits, not all its ingredients are effective due to its larger molecular size and unrefined state.Medical-grade skincare also has numerous benefits, especially the ones that are created from altering skin conditions. This is a refined, clean product.

Natural or Holistic Skincare:

Holistic Skincare is the new fad in the beauty industry as everyone wants to use products with “natural” ingredients in them. When you are selecting organic skincare products, keep an eye on the ingredient list. Most products are labeled ‘organic’, however, they may not be effective for direct use on the skin. In holistic skincare, we do not give importance to ingredients but rather focus on the idea of fancy marketing, beauty goals, and a one-size-fits-all all-skincare philosophy.

It is important to know that all naturally occurring ingredients may not be as effective as medical grade. Many essential oils and citrus skincare products are highly irritating for direct skin applications and ‌should not be applied to your face. It is important to understand the difference between which natural ingredients to avoid and which ones are beneficial for our skin. Choose skincare products that have clean, refined sources rather than all-natural. Kerry Spindler’s Youphoria Curative Skincare products are a professionally sourced medical grade line made in the USA.  

As a skin practitioner, Kerry and her team can also guide you about effective natural ingredients. Book a TeleSkin Virtual Health Checkup with Kerry Spindler and find answers to all your burning skincare questions.

All You Need To Know About Medical Grade Skincare:

Let’s start with an emphasis on the fact that all chemicals are not bad and that chemically oriented skincare products can be highly effective as well. In most cases, refined, botanical, and chemical yet natural ingredients are rendered active through chemical processes, hence, enhancing that ingredient’s benefits. Not all medical-grade skincare products are dangerous. Modern skincare research is constantly coming up with alternatives to natural skincare ingredients that are biologically generated and more readily available. Nevertheless, a skincare product that is chemically derived may also contain harmful substances like parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrances, etc. These chemical components are harmful to our skin in the long run. Youphoria Curative Skincare does not contain any harmful ingredients or carcinogens.

YOUphoria Products: Integrating Organic And Medical Skincare

Skincare is changing! Best skincare products are those that use an amalgamation of natural and medical-grade models. YOUphoria’s curative skincare products are clean products that goes through rigorous testing and is compliant with all US safety standards for healthy skincare. They have been curated by using naturally occurring ingredients and harvested chemically to increase their effectiveness. YOUphoria has found alternatives to chemical ingredients in skincare to benefit their clients’ skin holistically. They have never compromised on skincare quality and these products are proof of that. Integration of holistic and medical skincare ingredients and techniques is the best way to approach skincare. Kerry Spindler’s Bespoke Aesthetics Spa believes in this holistic model of skincare routine.

Skin Rehab: Repair, Renew, And Recover

This is a medical-grade yet holistic product that uses naturally occurring substances harvested through medical techniques. It hydrates the skin and restores the skin’s barrier function, which may be damaged during skin care treatments. It consists of ceramide, a naturally occurring ingredient of our skin which acts like a glue. They are biomedically curated to provide the exact same function in an efficient manner, otherwise, how can we harvest ceramides from our skin on such a large scale? The specialized sugarcanes in it help reduce skin stinging effects after skincare treatments. Again, the sucrose is chemically enhanced and repurposed to offer us the function we desire. 

Smooth eyes, SupaYoung Cleaner, and many other products in their YOUphoria line are medical-grade and holistic due to the chemically enhanced ingredients in them. One must decide for themselves what kind of skincare you need but the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Kerry and her team are licensed practitioners who can assist with this decision. They can analyze your skin type and create a personalized skincare routine using their specialized YOUphoria products.

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