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Microcurrent Non-surgical Facelift: Get Firm, Contoured Skin Now

Microcurrent Non-surgical Facelift

Are you looking for a non-surgical way to get a well-contoured lifted face? With weight gain, age, and certain medical conditions the muscles of the face can lose their elasticity and become saggy.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy chin all occur as a result of loss of elasticity in the facial muscle. These conditions can make one appear older than they are, which can in turn affect their self-confidence.
A constant reduction in your body’s collagen production will result in a loss of skin elasticity.

According to studies, you lose approximately 1% of your collagen production each year after the age of 20 and significantly more post-menopause.

If you are suffering from loss of facial elasticity, then a microcurrent nonsurgical facelift may be all you need to tighten up the muscles on your face.

Microcurrent facial toning helps the body heal up to 350% faster than without microcurrent therapy. In 1830, Dr Carlo Matteucci found that the body sent out electrical charges when injured.

By the early 1900s, Dr. Thomas Wing used microcurrent to treat patients with Bell’s Palsy and strokes. The findings led to the creation of CACI, the Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, the CACI machine isolated the low level of current. This tiny microburst of current is used to lift the face and re-educate the muscles.

What is a Microcurrent Non-surgical Facelift?

A microcurrent non-surgical facelift is an aesthetic treatment that is used to physically tighten and tone the skin through muscle re-education without going under the knife.

During the microfacial non-surgical facelift, soft cotton-tipped wands are used to manipulate the facial muscles to transmit microcurrent impulses.

The microcurrent non-surgical facelift adds more definition to the face without surgery by reproducing the body’s natural current and re-establishing muscle memory. The microcurrent non-surgical facelift is a safe and effective procedure as the microcurrent mimics the body’s natural current and works in conformity with the body’s electrical system.

This non-invasive face-lifting treatment effectively repairs facial muscles and highlights facial contours without scars, pains, or recovery time.

How Does Microcurrent Non-surgical Facelift Work?

Microcurrent non-surgical facelift works by physically manipulating all 32 muscles of the face using soft cotton-tipped wands to transfer the microcurrent impulses.

Microcurrent uses a low-intensity current (the current is usually less than 1 millionth of an Amp). This procedure does not cause physical or visual contraction of the muscles because of the low-intensity current used.

This process works by introducing small electrical currents into your face to tone and tighten facial muscles.

You may start to notice a significant difference after your first treatment. You will generally get more results after a series of treatments because the benefits of microcurrent are cumulative and will typically require a series of 10-12 treatments for the best results.

What is the Procedure for a Microcurrent Non-surgical Facelift?

The microcurrent non-surgical facelift physically works over 32 facial muscles to lift and provide definition to the face especially areas with low elasticity. This effective non-surgical treatment is carried out following a simple 4-step process.

Step 1: Deep Cleansing

This is the first and most important step in the treatment. Deep cleansing works by carefully steaming the face to get rid of specks of dirt as well as opening the skin pores.
At this stage, the aesthetician will also exfoliate your skin to prepare the skin for the procedure ahead and to also improve blood circulation in the skin.

This is usually a simple and gentle process that will help you to relax.

Step 2: Microcurrent therapy

Facial lymphatic drainage is a massage that uses softer and slower pumping movement. The soft pressures and pumping movements are directed towards the lymph nodes to terminate toxins and waste naturally. The lymph is moved from the face down to the deep lymph nodes of the neck.

After deep cleansing to remove specks of dirt and opening the skin pores, the aesthetician will start the microcurrent therapy. The therapy is used to drain the facial lymphatic system and to also promote blood circulation.

The microcurrent treatment is then used afterward on over 32 facial muscles to tone, lift, and tighten the skin. The microcurrent non-surgical facelift re-educates the facial muscles to hold energy in a new position.

Step 3: Red Light Therapy

The red-light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that uses low wavelength to improve the skin’s appearance and reduce skin issues like wrinkles, scars, acne, etc.

During the microcurrent facelift, the aesthetician will use the Red LED light to expel wrinkles and fine lines on the face. It also plumps and softens particular areas of the face.

Step 4: Ultrasonic Infusion

This is usually the final stage in the microcurrent non-surgical facial lift procedure. This is an infusion system that operates on ultrasonic frequency to ensure the utmost penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Naturally, our skin provides a barrier between skin cells (majorly through lipids ‘oils’). What the ultrasonic infusion does is disrupt this barrier (oils that separate different skin cells) allowing a deeper infusion of active ingredients.

During ultrasonic infusion, substances like peptides, vitamins, and serums are infused into the skin to finish up the whole process.

What are the Benefits of Microcurrent Non-surgical Facial Lift?
Increase in collagen production that helps to increase Fibroblastic Activities.

Increase in protein synthesis and elastin production which results in improved elasticity (helps to tighten facial skin muscles).

Helps to increase cell permeability; this helps the cell to absorb active ingredients and also helps in the production of healthy cells. It also helps to repair skin tissues and improve skin hydration.

Stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

Re-educate the muscles and increase cell membrane transport.

How Long Does the Effect of Microcurrent Facial Lift Last?
It takes about 30-minutes to 1 hour for each treatment. For optimal and long-lasting results, you will need up to 10-12 sessions of the procedure. Once you notice a result with your first treatment, your aesthetician may recommend more treatments (1 to 3 times per week).

According to studies, the satisfaction rate of microcurrent non-surgical facial lifts is reported to be over 70%.

Kerry Splinder’s microcurrent treatment produces noticeable differences as quickly as your very first session. Further changes will be even more effective and lasting as your facial memory is achieved and maintained at 8-10 sessions.

You should undergo more microcurrent sessions because each new treatment helps to maintain the position of the new contour better.

Who Should Not Undergo a Microcurrent Facial Lift Treatment?

No doubt, microcurrent non-surgical facial lifting is an effective non-intrusive procedure that guarantees results. Unfortunately, everyone cannot undergo the procedure or cannot do that at specific times.

While some people should avoid it, others need the permission of their doctors before undergoing the procedure. The following groups of people should avoid microcurrent non-surgical facial lifts:

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Clients with untreated epilepsy thrombosis/phlebitis
  3. People with infections
  4. People living with active cancer
  5. Clients living with heart conditions

Microcurrent facial lifting is a non-surgical procedure that produces visible results with zero recovery time. You should get the services of a professional aesthetician to get your desired outcome.

You can book an appointment to find out if microcurrent facial lifting is for you.

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