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Welcome to Kerry Spindler Bespoke Aesthetic Spa, where we provide a comprehensive range of integrated wellness services to help you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our suite of services includes chiropractic adjustments, administered by Dr. Ann Flores, and bespoke skin treatments. Our philosophy is rooted in treating the whole body, not just the skin, and we take a holistic approach to your wellness journey. We are proud to have Dr. Ann Flores, a highly respected chiropractor, on our team to assist you in your quest to become the best version of yourself.

How can our

Chiropractor help your skin?

The third vertebrae in the neck houses the cervical nerve which is directly connected to the function of the whole facial area of our body including the mouth and ears. If the C3 nerve has a misalignment it can cause skin issues in mild cases. Those skin issues are acne, pimples, or eczema. Similarly, the 11th spinal nerve is directly related to the function of adrenal glands which is responsible for the balancing of hormones. Any imbalance or problem in the 11th spinal nerve can lead to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance, as well known, can result in acne breakouts, and pimples, among other skin problems.

If these specific nerve endings are misaligned, twisted, or hurt even a little, they block or twist the pathway of neurons and messaging from and to the brain. This shift in neuron pathways can lead to vital health problems or even just stress within the body. Even a small amount of stress can show on your body externally manifested in the form of skin problems. Basically, the internal issues of our body are shown externally on our skin. A chiropractor can not only realign the spine but also offer guidance for future positive outcomes. Timely checkups with a chiropractor can not only relieve the internal issues of the body but also save people from going for medical probing and treatments.

We want to bring out the best in you by providing the effective treatments possible. We don’t resort to medical-grade products and procedures in the first-go. We give your skin a chance to glow naturally from within.

Book an appointment with Dr. Ann to heal your internal and external issues for a complete, non-invasive skin treatment plan.


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