Dermaplaning Peach Fuzz Buster Facial

Do you wish to have a soft and flawless face? 

Different factors like age, environment, and lifestyle can affect your skin. Regardless of the cause of a dull or rough facial appearance, people have devised different means to achieve a clear facial appearance. 

Studies by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveal from its 2014 plastic surgery statistics that women accounted for 92% of all cosmetic procedures… Women undergo cosmetic surgery more than men because they want to look better and feel more confident. 

Different women have taken different approaches to improve their facial appearance. While some women rely on makeup to look better, others prefer to improve their facial features through surgery.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is not the only way that you can improve your facial appearance. You can achieve a clearer and smoother face through dermaplaning fuzz busting.

If you are looking for a non-surgical and less invasive method to improve your facial appearance, then dermaplaning fuzz busting is one procedure that you should try. 

Dermalplanning fuzz busting is just like a less expensive and less-intrusive way of getting microdermabrasion. 

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning fuzz busting is a skin exfoliation process where a surgical steel scalpel is used to lightly scrape the surface of the skin by holding it tightly and close to the skin. This surgical steel scalpel is used to remove tiny facial hairs and dead skin.

This procedure revitalizes patients’ skin and leaves the skin looking smooth by getting rid of dead skin cells and small facial hairs usually referred to as “peach fuzz”.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning works by simply removing dead skin and tiny skin hair (peach fuzz) using a sterile surgical blade. 

During the dermaplaning procedure, the Esthetician will place a sterile surgical blade at an angle of 45° close to the skin. The esthetician will slowly drag the blade over your skin. This process removes dead cells, tiny skin cells (peach fuzz), and any other skin debris that will make your skin look better.

Your Esthetician will either use an electronic or manual dermaplaning tool to scrap the top surface of your skin. This skin exfoliation process can last anywhere between 20-30 minutes.

Dermaplaning is usually not a painful procedure, but you may feel a tingly sensation. Your Esthetician may apply some sedative spray to keep you calm and relaxed during the process. 

At the end of the dermaplaning procedure, your treatment provider will apply a soothing cream (which is mostly organic) to relax the skin. Finally, the Esthetician will apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage since the skin is still tender. 

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is not just popular for the sake of it, there are visible and tangible benefits of dermaplaning. Let us take a look take some of the benefits of dermplaning peach fuzz:

  1. Guarantees Immediate Results after the Procedure

One great thing about the dermaplaning procedure is that you visibly see the result immediately after the procedure. The logic behind dermaplaning is that the removal of dead skin and fuzzed hair generally makes the face look brighter and smoother.

The truth is, if your skin is exposed to harsh conditions every day like sun or toxins (like dirt), then you may experience dull or rough skin.

When an Esthetician or Esthetician removes the damaged skin, fresher and newer skin is revealed.

  1. Reduces Skin Pores, wrinkles, and fine lines

Specks of dirt, product build-ups, and pollutants are some of the things that clog the skin and enlarge skin pores. An enlarged skin pore can cause skin challenges like fine lines, wrinkles, and general ageing of the skin.

Undergoing a dermaplaning procedure prevents your skin from trapping dirt, products, and pollutants by reducing the skin’s pores. The smaller your skin pores are the better they will appear.

  1. Promotes Collagen Production 

Collagen is what makes the skin tighter and generally appears younger and finer. The older you get, the slower your body produces collagen. Asides from exposing your younger/newer skin, dermaplaning stimulates collagen production by exposing your skin to oxygen. 

Direct oxygen on your skin results in a smoother texture. 

  1. Helps with Product Penetration 

Specks of dirt, product build-ups, and pollutants clog the skin pores and prevent new products from penetrating and nourishing the skin. 

Whether you want to apply hyaluronic acid-based products or vitamin C serums, a dermaplaning procedure will enhance the penetration of these products. 

Although these products are lightweight, they can go much deeper into your skin to nourish it after the procedure. 

Asides from helping with skin care product penetration, dermaplaning helps to make your makeup appear better. Since the Esthetician has removed the dead skin, scars, and peach fuzz (tiny body hair) from your face, your makeup will appear better without leaving creases.

  1. Low-Risk/ Quick procedure

Dermaplaning is a low-risk procedure that doesn’t result in any kind of skin complication afterward. Although, you may experience redness on your face that will disappear in a couple of days.

This procedure is a quick skin treatment that takes only a few minutes to get done. The dermaplaning procedure can last between 20 – 40 minutes. Another great thing about this procedure is that there is no recovery time after the procedure.

This makes it easy for you to fit it into your schedule without bordering on the inconveniences of adjusting your schedule.

What are the Side-effects of Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is generally a low-risk procedure, so you may not have to worry about the sudden side effects that you may experience. Nonetheless, you may experience a few skin changes like

  1. Slight redness on your face a few hours after taking the treatment.
  2. You might also experience skin peeling that will disappear in a few days.
  3. You may also notice some whiteheads a few days after derma planning, but they will go away in no time.

Depending on your skin type, you may or may not experience any side effects after the dermaplaning procedure. You may experience any of the listed side effects if you have sensitive skin, not to worry they will disappear in a few days.

Where Can I Get a Dermaplaning Done?

Many top Spas and Estheticians in the US offer a dermaplaning treatment. However, it is important to undergo the procedure with an experienced and professional Esthetician. The Esthetician’s skills and techniques may affect the result that you will get.

It is important for you to do your research on specialist Estheticians before undergoing the procedure. If you stay in Boston, then you should Book an appointment with a sought-after Esthetician like Kerry Spindler.  

Dermaplaning Peach Fuzz Buster in Greater Boston

If you stay in Boston or cities close to Boston, you should book an appointment with a trusted Med Spa like Kerry Spindler’s. The cost of Peach Fuzz Busting in Kerry’s studio is $140. See more details about their services here.

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